For the most beautiful swim (3/12/2016) - You’ll find plenty of beaches around Siljan, the biggest lake of Dalarna. But if you feel like going off the beaten track there’s this cool place in the forest. I didn’t even know about this limestone quarry in Djura myself, until I told my niece and nephew about my project  – guiding travellers to the […]
For the Leksand gossip (3/6/2016) - Photo credit: Siljans konditori The pleasant Culture House of Leksand is a great place, but Siljan´s konditori is very Leksand, too. Culture Live.  To the left, outdoors if it’s summer, indoors if it’s not, there is this group of men. I don’t know who they are but they are very Middle East-ish. They drink coffee and […]
Glass=Ice cream (3/4/2016) - Wise people say you are exactly where you need to be. I say you try licorice with salt at Gårds-Glass Leksand. And then take a swim in Dalälven. After having lived all over the place, I ended up in Hälla, six kilometers from the supermarkets in Leksand.
Solvändan – When you need to walk things over (3/1/2016) - Solvändan means The walkabout in the sun, and there is one for you in Leksand. You’ve got like four kilometers to watch the big blue and get smart.  I enjoy listening to the radio in the car on my way to work in the morning. Before I didn´t do that, I hated when noise interrupted […]