Café Peace & Love (3/18/2016) - People might tell you not to go to Borlänge. Therefore, go to Borlänge. My friend and I were not supposed to go to Algeciras, Spain, that summer of 69. (Only joking, I was born 77.) But we caught the wrong bus. In industrial Algeciras my friend picked up this guy. Then he became my boyfriend. […]
When you’re sick of meatballs, stuffed baguettes and the raw herring. Or didn’t like it in the first place. (3/17/2016) - In Dalarna there are two Indian restaurants. Smell that clove, ginger and coriander? How do they do it? 17 years ago, I was in India. One day I go back, I said. To be wise and stuff. Eat. So when am I gonna go? When am I cool and rich? I go to Borlänge sometimes. […]

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