Is your kid ready? (3/27/2016) - Is your kid a cool kid? Then why don’t you suggest he/she leaves the paci/dummy in a Swedish tree?  You find the tree just outside Falun (direction Rättvik), just before the Gamla Fruns väg, on the left hand side.
The reason I exist and why you should go there (3/20/2016) - My parents met during Midsummer, of course. At Dössberget, of course, in Bjursås, 20 kilometers north of Falun.  Where the mountains and the forests in the distance are the bluest and the greenest, the midsummer pole the midsummer-est, the party the most genuine, the stage the most beautifully situated, the nearby riding school the most picturesque. (Biased? […]
Café Peace & Love (3/18/2016) - People might tell you not to go to Borlänge. Therefore, go to Borlänge. My friend and I were not supposed to go to Algeciras, Spain, that summer of 69. (Only joking, I was born 77.) But we caught the wrong bus. In industrial Algeciras my friend picked up this guy. Then he became my boyfriend. […]
When you’re sick of meatballs, stuffed baguettes and the raw herring. Or didn’t like it in the first place. (3/17/2016) - In Dalarna there are two Indian restaurants. Smell that clove, ginger and coriander? How do they do it? 17 years ago, I was in India. One day I go back, I said. To be wise and stuff. Eat. So when am I gonna go? When am I cool and rich? I go to Borlänge sometimes. […]
For the most beautiful swim (3/12/2016) - You’ll find plenty of beaches around Siljan, the biggest lake of Dalarna. But if you feel like going off the beaten track there’s this cool place in the forest. I didn’t even know about this limestone quarry in Djura myself, until I told my niece and nephew about my project  – guiding travellers to the […]
Your must visit Dalarna candy shop (3/11/2016) - Lady Britta in Sågmyra is 85 years old. Perhaps she found a bunch of kindness to keep, every year, because she is very friendly. And does she have experience when it comes to candy.  Candy=godis. Lösgodis, very popular in Sweden, is godis in a bag that you fill up yourself. The bags at Britta’s are small, […]
Almost as long as eternity (3/6/2016) - Photo credit: Rättviks kommun Header credit: Poet Bo Bergman I’ve got proof. This Long Bridge in Rättvik takes you places, even if it doesn’t even reach the other side.  The beach is so shallow you could let two hundred preschools visit without loosing one single kid to the water. Therefore, the boats need to stop 628 […]
7 signs you’re becoming a Swede, well suited to live in Dalarna (3/6/2016) - You are on time Simple as that. If you´re late you´re sorry and ashamed, and stay quiet for fifteen minutes. You fikar To fika is to take a break from whatever you need to pause from. To fika is to drink coffee (preferable with gratis refill)/tea/juice/mineral water and eat chocolate ball/cake/wholemeal bread with turkey and […]
For the Leksand gossip (3/6/2016) - Photo credit: Siljans konditori The pleasant Culture House of Leksand is a great place, but Siljan´s konditori is very Leksand, too. Culture Live.  To the left, outdoors if it’s summer, indoors if it’s not, there is this group of men. I don’t know who they are but they are very Middle East-ish. They drink coffee and […]
If shop you must (3/4/2016) - Some people, in this case two sisters, travel the world and then they open up a beautiful shop in the tiny little place of their childhood, in this case Insjön. The hearts above are filled with organic locally produced wheat grain, heatable. Very varm hearted this place. Don’t let the name Terrible Twins frighten you. Go, go, […]