Your must visit Dalarna candy shop

Lady Britta in Sågmyra is 85 years old. Perhaps she found a bunch of kindness to keep, every year, because she is very friendly. And does she have experience when it comes to candy. 


Lösgodis, very popular in Sweden, is godis in a bag that you fill up yourself.

The bags at Britta’s are small, like back in the days.

But you can always grab two bags, that’s what I do.

I mean, you’re not at Britta’s and her boxes every day.

Some people might tell you that Sågmyra is the place that God forgot about when in Dalarna. But back in the days the giant woll factory next to Britta´s had a thousand employees.

The impressive building is still there, only without the action.

But you can buy shoes in Sågmyra, if you feel like walking. And you might.

There are actually a few more shops creating some action in the village, among them one with nice things for your kitchen.

If you don’t like cooking the mansion from back in the woolen days is still there, serving lunch.

Not that you need lunch.



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