7 signs you’re becoming a Swede, well suited to live in Dalarna

You are on time
Simple as that. If you´re late you´re sorry and ashamed, and stay quiet for fifteen minutes.

You fikar
To fika is to take a break from whatever you need to pause from. To fika is to drink coffee (preferable with gratis refill)/tea/juice/mineral water and eat chocolate ball/cake/wholemeal bread with turkey and green pepper, with a friend or two or three, at home or at some place. To fika is to realize that tomorrow might not come.

You are quiet on the bus
Talking to other passengers is for weirdos. Actually you don’t even stand up for a pregnant woman, or help a father with the trolly. You are too shy/busy being depressed/why me?/over worked/embarrassed/I´m not gonna disturb.

You hate drugs and love alcohol
We do have heroin addicts in Sweden, and people who drink organic locally produced juices only. This is a generalized list. You hate when people don´t get that and start to argue.

You are a best friend forever
When people have deserved it, that is. Like proven normal, is kind with animals and keeping any religion very low profiled. Until then you talk about the weather.

Sugar is your enemy
It is going to kill you, whether it be in sweets, bread or pasta. (Fika eats war on sugar – was the world ever logical?) Just don’t use it. Ever. Sweden is on war with sugar and we need to close our borders to be able to handle this. Just consider the overweight children – do they really get enough?

You found your partner on the Internet
It’s too cold and dark to go out, and whatever the weather you like your sofa and your tea/organic juice/heroin and writing away like crazy, to get an outlet for your oppressed feelings.

Personally I used Happy Pancake. Check it out for a Swedish date.




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