For the Leksand gossip

Photo credit: Siljans konditori

The pleasant Culture House of Leksand is a great place, but Siljan´s konditori is very Leksand, too.
Culture Live. 

To the left, outdoors if it’s summer, indoors if it’s not, there is this group of men. I don’t know who they are but they are very Middle East-ish. They drink coffee and their wives are not to be seen.

I bet they know who scored in the latest Leksand ishockey-game and I think their dad and daddies have been here since 1913.

The local journalist is often seen at Siljans. Speak up, and she might tell your story.

The mother group is here, with the new borns or almost, and the kaffe lattes, or, if the person is a ishockey wife – sparkling water because water is ice only not frozen. And without calories.

Watch the students from Leksand Folk High School – they study design, ceramics, book binding and silver smithery. Yes, you’ll see who they are, and we love them for that.

If you want to be a silver smith, well, be.

(If you’re a writer, write.)

There is a school in Leksand for not hearing people. You won’t hear them either, but perhaps take a look at their interesting communication.

For a closer look at a Swedish plumber, carpenter or electrician in blue, come on a Friday. Then they don’t work as much as they fikar* at Siljan.

We love them anyway.

I´m sure you’ll find a teacher here as well, having Friday lunch, or an assistent nurse or some boss that needs a break.

Everyone is welcome, and so are you.

If you feel a little lonely, chances are good you’ll find a sweet friend.


*Please read the second paragraph here


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