Almost as long as eternity

Photo credit: Rättviks kommun
Header credit: Poet Bo Bergman

I’ve got proof.
This Long Bridge in Rättvik takes you places, even if it doesn’t even reach the other side. 

The beach is so shallow you could let two hundred preschools visit without loosing one single kid to the water.

Therefore, the boats need to stop 628 meters from shore.

Not that most people walk the bridge to get to a boat.

We walk the bridge to get a walk in the blue.

The mountains of Dalarna are – for some reason I could not find through google – blue.

And the water, you know, and the sky.


Once I had an interview for a job in Rättvik. Since I am a Swede and would rather kill myself than be late for an interview, I was early.

When you are early in Rättvik, you go for a walk in the blue.

Needless to say, I got the job.

This was a few years back, before the recent war in Syria. Still, people had to escape their home countries, for other reasons. Some of them came without their parents, and I was given the job to care for them.

It was a bit like going to Afghanistan.

I often missed my daughter, feeling insufficient and wondering if I’d bitten off more than I could chew (or as we say in Swedish : if I had taken myself water over the head).

Children are to walk in pink on bridges, holding a steady hand. Children are not to die in water. No shit, we say. Then, shit.





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