Glass=Ice cream

Wise people say you are exactly where you need to be. I say you try licorice with salt at Gårds-Glass Leksand. And then take a swim in Dalälven. 

After having lived all over the place, I ended up in Hälla, six kilometers from the supermarkets in Leksand. But down the hill I find myself, and the kids of course, on a farm where they make ice cream.

The shop is self served. In honesty we trust.
Swedish word of the day: glass
The river of Österdalälven is a short walk away. The water is always pretty cold. Not as cold as in the picture of course. Not that you care, you´re on the Viking team now.
My Pippi at Hälla Beach

It´s super difficult to be a milk farmer in Sweden, since the countryside isn´t really built up for what it takes to have a strong independent market. The Big Company is dependent on the prices far away and hey, far away we don´t even know the name of the cow.

But we´re gonna turn it around, right. We like locally produced stuff and happy animals.

So we go to Gårds-Glass, down the hill from the Sågmyravägen in Hälla outside Leksand.


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