Solvändan – When you need to walk things over

Solvändan means The walkabout in the sun, and there is one for you in Leksand. You’ve got like four kilometers to watch the big blue and get smart. 

I enjoy listening to the radio in the car on my way to work in the morning. Before I didn´t do that, I hated when noise interrupted my important thinking. But I realized that I solve absolutely nothing anyway, between trying to brush the twoyearsold´s teeth, and arriving at school. The louder the noise on the road the better.


Recently this song (about coming out as a star) created such feeling overload that I had to play it, first class. It has absolutely nothing to do with Spanish, but I didn´t care. I was like Robin Carpe Diem Williams.

He killed himself, how about that.

I myself felt kind of very stupid once the song was over, but I let it go.

You have to let things go.

Move on.

Therefore traveling/walking/running is good, I believe.

I also heard on the radio that some guy suggested that travelers go for a slow run, to see the area.

Such a good idea.

The soul of Leksand area is the lake of Siljan, so please take a proper look. Therefore – go for a run, or a quiet walk (it may stop you from impulsively playing weird songs) on the walk Solvändan, all along the river Dalälven and the lake Siljan.

Practice your Swedish here, or just check out the nice pictures of the walk, not slippery like mine:



The directions underneath are leading you to the church of Leksand. For the walk Solvändan – just approach the water. 


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